Alien: Covenant (2017) Mini Film Review

Alien: Covenant (2017) Mini Film Review

I firmly believe that films are best enjoyed while knowing next to nothing about the plot and hence my review will endeavor to tell you what I found great about the film with as little spoilers as possible. The reaction to this movie has been rather mixed and it has a lot to do with what people went in expecting the film to deliver. I think people who liked the vibe Prometheus had will like this film too? However fans of the original alien or aliens might be disappointed, as several all my friends fit into this character and they were disappointed.



When a group of humans landed on a planet, they are surprised to see some human remains and also receive a distress signal. However, awaits them are something else, and they have to escape before they are hunted. Question is, can they survive against their pursuer?


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Nothing seems out of the ordinary here…or is it?



So straight up, this is a part sequel to Prometheus, part sci-fi space exploration movie, and part alien movie. It is a mixed bag of tricks so for those expecting a tense horror thriller alien movie, you might be rather bored during certain parts.

Personally, I rather enjoyed Prometheus and appreciated its attempts to do something a bit different from the alien movies which have kind of been pure horror or horror/action. Prometheus brought to the franchise deep philosophical themes which I enjoyed and Covenant expands on not just Prometheus’ story but also said themes. Thus, having both the philosophical parts of Prometheus and the presence of the terrifying xenomorph meant that Ridley Scott had actually combined the best parts of the expanding franchise to me.

The cinematography is brilliant but do you really expect anything less with Ridley Scott at the helm? Not going to lie, the pacing is kind of slow for the first half and some people might be turned off by that but it kind of builds up the atmosphere and shows us the relationships between characters, not just dumping us the information through some lengthy exposition scene. Granted you might be better equipped if you watch some of the trailers which serve as prologues to the film. The questions posed in Prometheus are further explored in Covenant but not all are answered and some threads are left kind of open-ended. I think its due to:

1) the film needed to wrap up the story of Prometheus and quickly move on to the story of the xenomorph as many fans clamored for it and

2) themes about creation, what it truly means to be sentient and whether there’s a god etc. are purposely left unanswered and I feel like that’s alright. They are tough questions and might benefit from fan speculations and theories.

Without a doubt, the most interesting part of the film is Michael Fassbender and his acting here is top notch. He is the reason why I like the film as much as I did. The rest of the cast was fine but I feel like he kind of stole everyone’s thunder. It’s nice to see Danny Mcbride finally play a character who’s not 100% an a-hole and he really showed some range here which I do not think I have seen from him before. I am also very curious how much James Franco got paid for his role in this film.


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Alien: Covenant (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Melds the best part of Prometheus and the original Alien films
Gorgeous cinematography and raises some deep philosophical musings
Lots of tension and suspenseful moments
Michael Fassbender stood out for his performance
What's bad
Slow pacing
Other characters are quite shallow
Pretty Good!
A decent sequel to the Alien Series!
It is decent sequel to the Alien series and the Prometheus film, however, its slow pacing and quality of script may irk some viewers





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