Free Fire (2016) Mini Film Review

Free Fire (2016) Mini Film Review

Free Fire is an action comedy British film that is directed by Ben Wheatley and features some relatively well-known stars such as Brie Larson, Sharlto Copley, and Armie Hammer. With the theme being inspired by the wild west style that is infused with British comedy, can Free Fire actually be the hidden gem that’s worth your time? We are here to find its true value for you!



The basic premise is about two groups of people, with one being from IRA, aka the purchaser of weapons, and the other being the supplier. They meet in an abandoned industrial warehouse to settle the deal between them. Things, however, start to go wrong when the supplied weapons are not what the purchaser ordered. Worse, two of the rookies from each side have a previous unsettled feud and gunfights begin between them. With millions of money now being at stake, which group can get out of the place alive with the cash?

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Little do they expect that the talk is gonna last the whole night…



Man oh man, the concept for the film is pretty original and I really like how they film almost 90% of the movie in the same location. The usage of a single location for the whole duration of the fight is pretty rare in other movies, and thus it stands out to me. Pacing wise is also very excellent, with the fights all happening in real time without any cuts to other flashbacks etc. Sadly, the pacing suffers slightly near the middle-end portion where things drag out just a tad too long, and the gunfight becomes more boring as we keep seeing them the whole time, but overall it’s almost perfect. The movie takes its time to play out the gunfight among the group members, with certain parts intermixed or slowed down for genuine British comedic moments, which is something not many American movies are able to replicate.

Characters wise, there are plenty of them and thankfully most of them are pretty varied with unique personalities and appearance. This is boosted with the different accents of each character, as some hail from South Africa, Britain and Ireland. Also, the characters’ relationships with one another are another comedic themes that are often shown in many of the scenes. Their interactions and dialogues are witty, and it’s a pretty raw and dry comedy that I like. Music wise, there is only a few that are memorable, and it’s because they are mostly used during some calm moments that are hilarious to watch. I must also applaud the sound design team for their wonderful recreation of the gunshots, bullet bounces, and many other foley effects. This is perhaps one of the most gunshot-filled scenes I have ever seen in a movie.


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Free Fire (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Pretty original in concept
Brilliant showcase of an interesting film that can be shot in solely single area
Well executed Action Sequences
British dry comedy
Perfect pacing as everything happens in real time
Characters are varied and distinct in their personalities and accents
Wonderful mix of sound effects
What's bad
Soundtracks are just decent
Some part near the end starts to slow
Free Fire has delivered in its name!
What an amazing concept of combining excellent action sequences shot entirely in one location, and mix it up with British dry humour and myriad of quirky characters.




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