Cocoro Restaurant London Review

Cocoro Restaurant London Review

Cocoro is yet another sushi restaurant that is found in the big London. Hailing a more traditional decoration, it does resemble those store that looks like it can be found in Japan itself. With so many similar restaurants around, this place does not catch our attention at first, and we merely visit this place due to Google Maps suggestion. Cocoro means ‘heart’ or 心 in Japanese, which I assume it plans to retain the heart of true Japanese cuisine in this foreign land. Dawn and I choose this place as we are out of other options or are bored with the others. There are even Japanese customers here too! Now, let’s see if this place has truly managed to retain the heart, or even touch our own Cocoro XD

(this review is a Limited review—means I/we have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I/we visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Cocoro and we paid for our meals out of our own pockets)


Service Quality

Service was pretty excellent, with the waitress seemingly being the boss lady herself comes serving us eagerly and helps to recommend some dishes. The food is delivered in a relaxed pacing that does not feel rushed or dragged. Overall, I have no complaints and the atmosphere is pretty great too just like a typical Japanese diner.


Food Quality


Our appetiser is the special Una Kyu, aka unagi and cucumber, it comes in 6 pieces and we share equally among us. The rice is sticky yet it has a faint aroma that seems to mix well with the eel’s sauce. One bite and the flavour burst in the mouth. You can taste the eel and the cucumber dancing in harmony as you swallow it, and the impeccable seafood taste overall is excellent. Order this when you come here, you have to!



Next is chicken gyoza, and they come in with its seared side facing up. Though they look good, the skin is a bit soft and they are not as hot as I thought. It’s kinda disappointing, but its taste is still decent, just not amazing, so don’t get your expectation too high for this, this one hurts my Cocoro a bit :'(



Then, we order ramens as the main course, mine is the Seafood ramen with the pork broth base. The noodle is not too springy and it is around medium hardness. It is pretty easy to eat and slurp with the soup. Seafood is great with some varieties. Its flavour is not weaker than what I prefer and there’s no half boiled egg in this. So overall, it’s a hit and miss in some areas that make this just passable.

Dawn orders her Cocoro signature ramen, which is the one pictured in the post as its main picture. This ramen is actually pretty great, with the delicious Chashuu meat and that half boiled eggs giving this dish a great texture and taste. The noodles are almost the same as the Seafood ramen, but overall, this dish presents more impact and taste better. So, if you want to order ramen, definitely order this signature ramen! With that said, it’s not the best that I have tasted, but it’s almost there.



Finally, we ordered the mochi ice creams, with chocolate, mango, and sesame! The chocolate is full of sweetness and is not too hard when consumed. The same goes for the mango flavour, which retains almost natural mango taste, with just the right hardness and texture. Finally, the sesame flavour is still frozen solid, and a bit harder to bite, and has the weakest taste and flavour out of the three.



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Cocoro Restaurant London Review
Food Quality
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What's good
Excellent Una Kyu Sushi
Atmosphere is vibrant
Great service
Cocoro Signature Ramen tastes better than most ramens I have eaten
Mochi ice cream is pretty good
What's bad
Gyoza is a let down
Seafood ramen is just so-so
Sesame ice cream is just decent
A great Japanese restaurant that serves decent food and great atmosphere!
Try this place out if you fancy some authentic Japanese dishes that won't break the bank! Though do note some of the food can be hits and misses.



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