New Year (Not) New Me

New Year (Not) New Me

I went on my Facebook and my feed was littered with the New Year Resolution. Naturally. People want to reinvent themselves, setting goals, making wishes and dreams, and a friend said to me, “Happy New Year! New year new me?” and at that moment, of course I answered, “YES! HELL YES!” But after I pondered it over sometime, I actually changed my mind. No. I don’t want to be a new me.

A new me means (to me) that I’m starting again from zero and after a good thought, why would I? Start again? I love myself as I am now. I have improved myself, one little tweak at a time and I’ve come a long way so why would I want to start over again?

With age, comes responsibilities. And wisdom, my favourite part of growing up and observing my surroundings and of course, tons of reading. I love learning. Better myself in different aspects of life. Find myself more, understand myself better, what I like, what I don’t like, how to live better, be a better person.

With each start of the year, I become (hopefully) a better, more mature, me and that’s exactly what I love about new year. It’s not a fresh start because I would like everything that has happened in the previous year to count. I don’t want to start fresh. I don’t want a new blank page. Maybe a new chapter is the best way to describe it.

To a new better chapter, cheers.



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