A Ghost Story (2017) Mini Film Review

A Ghost Story (2017) Mini Film Review

This is introduced as an arthouse film and boy does it live up to its name. This is definitely not a film for the casual moviegoer. It is a story of grief, of loss but also about love eternal. It is philosophical. It is enigmatic. Yet there is a logic to its mystery due to sci-fi elements thrown into the mix.



A man has died from an accident, and he lives through as a ghost that wanders in his old home. This is a story of his after-life as time passes…

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A traditional ghost indeed



As the name suggests, the plot actually follows this ghost for the most part as he is unwilling/unable to move on and we see how he perseveres through time. Creative decisions were made perhaps to emulate a ghost’s perspective, silently lurking and watching events unfold.
Especially at the start, there are excruciatingly long scenes of people doing in essence very mundane things. As Such the pacing is painfully slow at the start but certain scenes truly show off the great acting chops of Rooney Mara in particular. This film is filled with A LOT of long takes and the acting talent present is simply astounding. The film starts to gather more speed, purpose and direction towards the latter half, IMO finishing rather strongly.
However, even when the pacing was slow, the cinematography I felt was beautiful and the soundtrack rose and fell with the plot. It never overstayed its welcome.
I personally was intrigued by the film and despite it not being the most gripping film and certainly not an easy watch, I did not regret watching it. Ultimately it is once again about expectations. I feel like there is more to this film than meets the eye on first viewing and my score might actually increase should I watch it again.


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A Ghost Story (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Intriguing story with a mixture of elements like drama, spiritual and sci-fi
Beautiful soundtrack which is used very effectively within certain scenes
Technically impressive long takes which may not be for everyone
What's bad
Pacing really drags in the first half of the film
It was not intended to have mass market appeal, not necessarily a bad thing but may hamper some audience's enjoyment of the film
It's okay
A Ghost Story that is more artistic than scary
This is a film for pure artistic film lovers, as it tries to create a new perspective of supernatural drama in a way that reflects life in non-mainstream ways.


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