Let Them

Let Them

“Can we go through the top floor entrance?” My brother asked. “Why?” I retorted. Why the hell couldn’t we go from this entrance which was like a few steps away from our car? My brother shifted a little uncomfortably in his seat. “Because everyone will stare at us.” And then realization dawned on me. He was and still in a phase. That phase where you feel like everyone is looking at you funny. Hell, sometimes I still feel that and I don’t think it will ever go away.

Very often though, it’s just our feeling that people are staring at us, judging us. Maybe sometimes they really are looking but trust me, in this age of technology, people are just too busy staring at screens. Sometimes they don’t even watch where they’re going let alone watch you of all things.

Besides, who cares if they stare? They have eyes and you can’t tell people what to look or what not to look. Maybe they just stare because you look great. Maybe they stare because you look different. People do that you know. They stare. They will look regardless how you look or what you do and there’s absolutely nothing you can do except to carry on.

I remember that phase though. When I avoided eye contact at all cost. Feeling like I’m the odd one. Now I LOVE being the odd one. I dislike conforming. Normal and standard are overrated. We were born different. Why die the same?

People want to look? Let them. Chin up, walk confidently because unless you’ve done something terribly wrong, there’s no reason to be ashamed to be stared at.

Or better yet, look back at them and throw them the sweetest smile you can muster. Tell them with your smile, “yes I know you can’t help but look, yes I know I’m different and I am damn proud to be different”.



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