Bleeding Steel (2017) Mini Film Review

Bleeding Steel (2017) Mini Film Review

Jackie Chan is back in another movie since The Foreigner and this time he is portraying a similar father-figure role in a science fiction movie. With other famous names such as Show Luo, a popular Taiwanese singer and Ouyang Nana, a new beauty talent in the Taiwanese entertainment industry, could this film continue the Jackie Chan legacy? We shall see below!



Lin Dong is a Special Force Agent that has protected a girl from a cyber warrior who was a result of a failed experiment by a scientist. However, when he failed to kill the warrior, he came back 13 years later to haunt his life and planning to kill those he loved. Would Lin Dong be able to counter the new threat once again?

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Jackie Chan is back into his iconic police role!



Alright, first of all, let’s get it straight, this movie is saved thanks solely to Jackie Chan, and in a smaller extent, Show Luo. To be honest, I do not expect anything much in terms of narrative and the CGI, as they really are quite bad compared to quality Hollywood production. However, thanks to Jackie Chan and Show Luo, their acting and comedic moments manage to turn this movie into an enjoyable experience, albeit at a cost. The story itself is pretty cliche and there are no deep twists or hidden moral meanings to be unraveled. As for the pacing, it’s just okay as well.

Characters wise, Show Luo makes up the comedic moments that help to bring the fun factor to the film, while Jackie Chan delivers in his own iconic way. Without each other, the watching experience of this movie will drop by quite a substantial amount. I like how Show Luo is able to handle his characters well, as it seems to fit his personality, while for Jackie, he is already a veteran in his iconic police force role. In regards to the other characters, like the female lead, it is more about her face than her acting talent, and same for the antagonist as well, who lacks the impact. Though, to tell the truth, the CGI are mostly pretty well done for its budget, and with the production set value looking quite high as well for a Chinese Production. Lastly, the soundtrack is just decent.


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Bleeding Steel (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Jackie Chan, enuff said
Show Luo as the essential comedic supporting character
Decent CGI and production value for a Chinese Production
What's bad
Narrative is very cliche and shallow
Female lead is there just for her looks
Subpar soundtracks and antagonist
Pretty Good!
Another decent Jackie Chan's film
Well, it is true that Jackie Chan can save any film from being very bad with his appearance. This time, he is aided by Show Luo who proves to be a great supporting character as well. All in all, this is a decent movie, as long as you don't expect too much from it.




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