Trolls (2016) Mini Film Review

Trolls (2016) Mini Film Review

Trolls is a Dreamworks 3D animated film that stars Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake as the main voice actors. It is kind of a kid’s film that combined musicals with comedy together. With it being a completely new narrative from Dreamworks, one has to wonder if this movie could be another hit that will achieve similar popularity as production company’s past offerings. Well, we are here to find out, so off we review!



The basic premise is about the existence of Trolls, who are small creatures who are often in happy state and love to sing, dance and hug. Meanwhile, their opposite are Bergens, who are gigantic creatures who always feel miserable and could only gain happiness momentarily by eating Trolls. So, they created a cage around the Trolls tree, but the latter managed to escape and hide for 20 years. Until one day, a big crazy celebration to commemorate the Escape by Princess Poppy causes the Bergen to discover their hideout and kidnapped some of her friends. Together with Branch, an emo troll, they have to go to Bergen’s Homeland and save their friends, but at what cost?

Screen Shot Trolls film

A gloomy troll with sparkles~



Immediately, the story, though it seems to be geared towards the kid, is pretty dark in showing how the Trolls are eaten literally by the Bergen. This film tries to show this subtly through colourful animation but the character’s actions are pretty gruesome when one thinks about the context. What I love about this animation film is the way it defies stereotypes and actually, plays around with them. Sometimes, there are some scenes that seem cliche but contain a twist, which is comedic and yet appropriate most of the time. Also, there are multiple references to other famous films or animations that sharp audiences will catch on.

The animation is also bright and colourful with unique designs. It seems to combine 3D with some sewn doll-like texture for the environment and also the monsters, which create the pleasing yet special character and monster designs. Music soundtracks for the musical parts use famous pop music that will instantly brighten young and old audiences alike, with the themes such as love and friendship and being happy commonly played throughout. Narrative-wise, it is pretty simple, so don’t expect any deep twist at the end. In the end, this is an animation that gears towards the younger audience, but it is also special enough to entertain older audiences.



Trolls (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Contains numerous twists and plays around with streotypes
Likabale characters with unique artstyle and texture
Superb pacing and great pop tune soundtracks
Darker than what it looks like on the surface
What's bad
Dark storyline may not be suitable for kids
A really simple predictable movie
A dark yet very simple animated movie that's good!
Trolls is a weird film in that it depicts some gruesome storyline concepts for its intended audience. However, with a cast of likable characters and great pop-tune soundtracks, this film is enjoyable as it is.


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