Life Review: Interview with Kelly Lim!

Life Review: Interview with Kelly Lim!

Heya guys! Controller Companies is branching out to interview people who have become an overnight sensation for our new section in Life Review! For our first post, we interview with Kelly Lim, who got famous for her unique hilarious custom-made Tinder profile that has now, most likely, makes her a prime target to be swiped right in the app itself!

Below are some of the questions we interviewed her online and it retells her side of the story and also her opinions in her current fame.

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This is the post that starts it all…



Qn 1. How did the idea of composing the custom-made tinder profile begin?

I chanced upon a tinder profile a month ago who did something similar and I decided to do the same because I thought it was a fantastic idea. If we approached the same metric to success at work, why hasn’t anyone thought of using the same approach to dating profiles? Most dating profiles showcase your attributes and hobbies with insufficient selling factor. Surmounting boring profiles is one thing, utilizing your Unique Selling Point to your benefit is another. Hardwork + Opportunity = Success. Do the work (PPT slides), seek the opportunity (dating apps) and execute.


Qn 2. Did you expect any results and what do you think of its effects on your rising fame?

I knew I was going to have an increase in swipes but I didn’t think the response was going to be that great. I don’t think much of the fame except I capitalize on it to get everyone to connect with me on Linkedin so I can share more insight on what I do for my profession. Having said that, it always is good to have a wide variety of men to select from. The larger the variety, the higher the competition, the better the catch and the quality do increase.

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Qn 3. Would you do another one with a different way soon and why?

Maybe. Might do one for Chinese New Year because of the pressures of stigma to have a partner to take with you for visiting. Just do it for fun, it doesn’t take me long to do it so I can do it anytime.


Qn 4. Lastly, what suggestions would you give for online dating and creating of such profiles?

Be authentic and embrace your individuality. If you’re socially awkward then use it to your advantage. Being open with your insecurities paradoxically makes you more confident and charismatic around others.


And there you go folks, we all could learn one or two things from her in the complicated world of online dating. As long as you do the preparation work to make yourself unique while persisting in finding opportunities, I believe we can all find our loving partner one day in the future!

*We would not reveal her relationship status, as for that you will have to find out yourself through the app or other ways. Thank you, Kelly Lim, for willing to be interviewed and we hope that you will find your destined partner in the coming years. Or if you have already found one, Congratulations!


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