Hidden Figures (2016) Mini Film Review

Hidden Figures (2016) Mini Film Review

Hidden Figures is a biographical drama film that retells the semi-true stories of three great coloured women who work in NASA in the 60s to the 70s time period. It stars several well-known actors such as  Taraji P. Henson, Jim Parsons, and Octavia Spencer. With the main narrative being a biography drama of the women’s great feats in NASA, will this film able to capture them accurately and portray their plight realistically? Let’s find out!



The basic premise tells the stories of three black women who work in NASA, mainly Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. During this time period in America, there were still racial segregations, to the point that there are separate toilets for both whites and coloured staffs. Each of them will then encounter chances and opportunities to advance their field and also job prospect and would eventually achieve tremendous feats that surpassed the limitations based on gender and race shackles. However, what sacrifices and plight will they have to make and go through before they become famous?

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3 Black Women who are going to change history



As a biographical drama film, Hidden Figures manage to capture the difficulties faced by non-whites living and working in America in those time period. The film heavily emphasises on this inequality that ranged from the segregated bathroom and also the other basic activities like the different kettle for the different race. In a way, some of these are pretty obvious while some are made of comedic moments, such as when Katherine has to run half a mile just to get to a coloured bathroom in the other building. This is balanced with the showing of their dedication to learn and also to complete their job whole heartedly that are in contrast to those White Staff who do not seem to be as dedicated to their job.

Each of the actor that portrays these characters does it well. They have their own charm and are likable as characters and may even be relatable to some people. The film shows the difficulties faced not only in terms of racial biasedness but also gender, especially in one part where the women themselves are being given surprised look by other males of even their own race. Then some of these cliches segregation is repeated at the end with a White staff that subtly reflects equality among races is coming when everyone goes through the same thing. The film has great pacing and I love every part of it, be it as a biographical drama, but which tries to maintain the balance between too dramatic and also realism.



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Hidden Figures (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good
The film captures the hardship faced by coloured people in both racism and sexist ways
Impactful moments that are also mixed brilliantly with comedy
A great balance of realism and dramatisation
Perfect movie pacing with likeable characters with their own charms
Does not feature bad and good guys in black and white
What's bad
Soundtrack could be better employed
One of the best biographical drama of 2016!
With a likable cast and a balance of dramatisation and realism, this biographical film will take you along the narrative while showing you the hardship faced by coloured people in that period. Furthermore, you will share their joy when history changes for the better with their actions. You should definitely watch this!


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