Letters and Sounds

Letters and Sounds

I have seen people arguing, fighting, not talking for years over something that had been said. Over words. Syllables in sounds. I used to take offense. Thinking I’ve been slighted when I should have known better and not take things personally. After all, they are just… words.

Yes, words are powerful. They are not merely sounds. It holds immense strength capable of changing the world. You can build and break people with words. The sheer force of it is enough to bring mankind up or bring them down to the ground.

It is why it is essential to understand that words should be used with the utmost care and respect it deserves. It shouldn’t be used to hurt and it shouldn’t be able to hurt you either.

Sometimes truths can be harsh. If the words uttered are harsh truths meant to uplift you, then by all means, swallow the bitter pill and improve. If the words uttered are mere nonsense, verbal assault intended to break you, let it pass swiftly from your right ear to your left.


If they don’t build you, toss them.

Words only hold power if you grant it. Don’t let them destroy you. Don’t let them destroy things you hold dearly in life. They are merely words. Don’t be offended too easily and don’t take everything personally.

Life is too short to be ruled by words.



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