Justice League (2017) Mini Film Review

Justice League (2017) Mini Film Review

Justice League is DC’s answer to MCU in the current superhero crazed era. The question is, will their older legacy works in their wonder? Read on to find out!



With the death of the Superman arises a new villain that requires a band of superheroes to tackle. Together, they form the Justice League that comprises of Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Cyborg and Aqua Man. However, not all is as it seems as the threat looms by. Will they be able to contain the evil this time?

Screen Shot Justice League film

Even Flash and Wonder Woman is wondering about the villain…



Plot-wise, it starts off with how the whole league kind of comes together to face this major villain. Although it doesn’t really have an overly complicated plot, It did actually do better than my low expectations so kudos to them. This film rushes from scene to scene and as such, there’s never really a dull moment but can at times feel a bit too rushed. There are few down moments, moments for some intimate character interactions and growth but I especially liked whatever was going on between Batman and Wonder Woman. As such, you’re never really bored but I personally felt like everything ended a bit too easily, a bit too fast.

Thematically, this is actually quite a lighthearted and fun movie. A stark contrast to Batman vs Superman, perhaps on purpose due to the backlash? Either way, it is welcome but It kind of took away the feeling of there being actual stakes in the movie. Kind of similar to Thor: Ragnarok? I also feel like there’s a bit too much green screen backgrounds for my liking, especially during some of the city scenes where I felt like they could have added a sense of realism by filming on actual locations.
The cast was great and played well with each other though I will say cyborg felt a little underdeveloped. The villain, however, was quite weak as he is basically entirely CGI. The action scenes, the way they were filmed, the CGI and the green screens actually worked very well and were an absolute joy to watch.

Overall, it stumbles here and there but it’s a good effort. Justice League can definitely do better though. It will undoubtedly be compared to the first outing of the Avengers and I will say Avengers has a much stronger performance due to better set up of all its individual characters, aka their own films. I am, however, curious about DC’s future individual films namely Flash, Batman and Aquaman and of course a future Justice League sequel. I would not mind seeing Zack Snyder’s original cut too if one does exist.


Justice League (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good
Fun superhero movie
Superbly put together, exhilarating fight scenes
What's bad
Very rushed and ends a bit too fast, felt like there could have been more inter-character moments between league members
Too many characters hastily introduced, cyborg being a main lead also felt a bit neglected
Very weakly written villain, emphasis more on league members *cough cough* Marvel Cinematic Universe trait *cough cough*
It's okay
Fun DC movie that is more light hearted but suffers in other areas
A fun, unfortunately, kind of forgettable movie that like the Justice League seems very hastily put together.


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