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Not Yet

I like to think highly of people. Not holding them to high expectation or any expectation at all. Those are two very different things. What I meant is, I like to think that everyone is capable of anything.

As a teacher, I often get asked by my students, “do you think I can do that?” That’s one of the most difficult questions I’m always asked. Sometimes, I do think that the task is a tad too difficult for the person who asked but nevertheless, I don’t want to tell them that they’re incapable of something.

They just need a bit more time and practice, in my humble opinion. I once said to Gaby, (the founder of Inferno Hot Pilates, someone I really admire and look up to) “I can’t do that” and the two words that she replied to my statement stuck with me to this day.

“Not yet”

Two little words yet so powerful it changed my whole world. There’s no “I cannot”. Just “I cannot yet”. Everything takes time. You don’t wake up and suddenly become very good at something. It takes determination and perseverance. Years and years of honing the skills.

You don’t have to ask other people if you can do something. Find something you love doing and practice until you ace it. Practice, practice and more practice.

If other people can do it, so can you.

There’s nothing you cannot do. There are just things you cannot do YET.



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