No Game, No Life Zero [Nōgēmu Nōraifu Zero] (2017) Mini Film Review

No Game, No Life Zero [Nōgēmu Nōraifu Zero] (2017) Mini Film Review

No Game, No Life the Movie: Zero is the movie that is based on the popular No Game No Life anime and also its light novel series of the same name. This particular movie is based on the light novel’s sixth volume, where it details the past before Sora and Shiro arrive in the Disboard. Without further ado, let’s get on with the review!



The story begins 6000 years ago when Disboard does not contain the 10 rules of playing games to bet on everything. It tells a tale that acts as a prologue of when humans are being wiped due to the great war between different races. Riku, a human leader who aims to stop the war, meets an ex-machina by, Shuvi, by chance. Their encounter will soon change the face of the battlefield. Will they be able to survive before being targeted by the enemies?

Screen Shot No Game No Life Movie: Zero

Even an ex-machina has feelings for the humans that are on the verge of extinction…



First of all, as a prologue, the movie understands what it is and never hesitate to focus on the past, and although I did not read the light novel, this film has understandably managed to cover most of the important parts. As for the art quality, it is the MadHouse style with bright coloured background and colour schemes. It does sport a cleaner look compared to the anime series, where the bright colours can be a tad too bright to my liking. Also, as this story is a bit darker, the tone of the colours are dialed down as well in half of the scenes to emphasise the apocalyptic atmosphere. The animation is pretty smooth and there are some great action sequences with lasers and bunch of superpowers.

Then as for the ‘game’ itself, surprisingly, there aren’t many games shown aside from Chess, which is a hint to the future where the anime series is based on. This film is more about romance then playing games, and speaking of romances, they are filled with some nice comedic moments as well. The characters themselves are almost 80% the replica of Sora and Shiro, especially with their relationship aside from the fact that they are not siblings. Some of the audiences may cringe at the way they portray relationships here, but this movie is mostly for the fans of the anime series and the light novels. The soundtracks are one of the best I have heard, with many of them really enhancing the epicness of the scenes and especially during the crucial moments. As a fan, I love it. As for those that aren’t, this film will mostly be just for the visual feast and not much else.


No Game, No Life Zero [Nōgēmu Nōraifu Zero] (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Great animation quality that sports the Madhouse style
Characters are adorable though can be cliche
Atmosphere and mood are darker than the main series
Soundtracks are utilised very well in crucial scenes
What's bad?
Story is pretty unoriginal
This film is mostly for the fans, though this is just a nitpick
A great first movie of No Game No Life series!
With this movie, it covers up the whole prologue on the creation of the rules of the game in Dishboard. The animation quality is pretty good and the characters are adorable. I like the darker story and atmosphere as well, and the soundtracks really do their job well. With that said, this film is aimed at fans primarily, so just a head up about this.




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