Comfort (2016) Mini Film Review

Comfort (2016) Mini Film Review

Sometimes, there are some films that do not have a big production or with a limitless advertising budget, and Comfort is one such film. Its actors are not very famous in the film world, and the director, William Lu, is the same as well. However, does that mean such film would be regarded as low quality? We are here to find out, so let’s continue to read on below!



The basic premise is regarding Cameron, a nighttime courier who has a special allergic reaction to the sun, thus he is only able to move around at night. One day, he helps to deliver stuff to an important client, who asks him to pick up his daughter from the airport in his place due to his busy schedule. Upon meeting the daughter, Jasmine, Cameron unknowingly begins to have some forms of romance blossoming as they spend time together. However, will their love last with the upcoming trials from cruel realities of life and her father’s disapproval?

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When you fall in love with your boss’s daughter


In the first glance of the narrative, one can tell that it is a pretty straightforward love story that is Asian-style. Although the whole setting is set in Los Angeles, America, the actors and their romance blossoms like those seen in Asian drama/films. In a way, this is appealing to a specific audience, as this formula is proven to be very effective in keeping us interested in the characters, which they really do and Comfort does well in this aspect. The pacing of their relationship is not slowed or rushed, though it can be a bit fast ala American-style romance. The director knows how to keep us engaged with the romance progression that can be addictive to us.

The actors are pretty good most of the time, though, there are some scenes where we can tell they are ‘acting’ and seem forced. Perhaps because most of them get famous in Youtube films or videos, which can be different from acting in a proper feature film. The guy who acts as Cameron acts more naturally than the woman, but both of them have great interactions with each other along the way. All this film is trying to achieve is the tell a story of love and appreciation. It does not try to be ambitious with its settings and narrative. There are not many surprising twists, but instead, it aims to be relatable and realistic as possible, with some mix of fictions.



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Comfort (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Great storytelling quality with such a simple narrative
Excellent pacing that keeps the tension and fun for the romance
Nice chemistry between the two main leads, with a bit of playfulness
Dealing with some of Asian steretotypes
What's bad?
Some of the acting can seem forceful
Soundtrack are not memorable
A very simple story, but this is more of a nitpick
Pretty good!
A fairly decent Asian romance films based in America
With a simple plot that borders on the cliche, the directing and pacing of the film are well-executed to make sure we get to enjoy this romance movie thoroughly. There is also great chemistry between the main leads that make their relationship more genuine and fun. Overall, it's a pretty decent film!


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