The #1 Man

The #1 Man

Today I ran, jog, and did little exercises in between bouts of speed walk with my dad. Okay, I ran and jog while my dad walked with added speed. He did join me for little exercises and also little skip walking.

It felt good. It felt really good.

Laughing while we skip walking like we’re in some sort of a happy little movie scene. Exercising together feels good. Also, because he’s a bit less fitter than I am, I now know how my boyfriend feels when I’m lagging behind him. It’s good to gain some perspective and I’m even more appreciative of being waited now. (I actually jogged a bit too fast and lost my dad. But found him again. Haha.)

But it also brings back sweet memories when I look at my dad’s back as I walked behind him. This is the man who has a huge chunk of my heart and plays an important role in my life. This is the back that bears the brunt of the family. This is the man who has sustained the lives in my family.

And I felt an immense wave of awe and gratitude towards my dad. This man who has given everything he has to his family. Not only to our little family of five but also to his siblings. This is the man who gives and gives and despite being treated unfairly sometimes, still gives.

Sure he nags a lot, has bad eating habits (he eats half a tub, sometimes a tub, of ice cream in the middle of the night) but who in this world is flawless? This man teaches me how to give, how to love and how to accept people with all their extra pieces of baggage.

For everything you’ve done for me, for everyone, Dad, I sincerely say thank you. From the very bottom of my heart, and this is nothing but the pure truth, I would like to tell you that I am proud to be able to call you Dad.




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