Moonlight (2016) Mini Film Review

Moonlight (2016) Mini Film Review

Moonlight is a type of film that goes beyond mainstream in its theme. It will cause a division among the critics and audience, and you will either love it or get repulsed by it. Controller Companies aims to stay neutral in this type of review, and I will have my own thought in this particular movie. Read on below to hear my thought!

(note: this film contains homosexuality)



The basic premise is about Chiron, a black kid who has a drug-addict mother and is secretly a closet homosexual. He has been bullied since young because of his weak and gentle nature. One day, he meets Juan, a Crack leader that takes pity on him. His life is then chronicled into two more parts: Teenage hood and Adulthood. Will Chiron ever be able to live the life that he has always wanted, in an environment that threatens his existence for his sexuality?

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When being gay is a crime itself…



Man oh man, this film’s pacing is really slow. Truthfully, I got bored and almost fell asleep near the middle portion when there are lots of dialogues happening. The starting portion is good, though, which establishes the Chiron as a boy who is lost in his own sexual preference. There is a sense of purity in a child that is soon tainted by his toxic environment, which can be quite common among the black community. His character and others are full of personality that makes them a fully believable characters, and also creating unique relationships, especially Chiron and Juan and another bisexual guy Kevin.

I like the way the film brings you through different phases of Chiron’s life. It shows how a stigma is consistently maintained even when you grow up. When he is being bullied for being gay, it creates a crack in him that eventually leads him to become someone he doesn’t want to be. Though I’m not a fan of gay film, I must say one of the scenes where he found a partner that shares his experience to be touching, as such person can be very hard to come by in real life. Moonlight brings out the worst in people, but it also brings about hope of reconciliation and finding own forgiveness from life’s trials.



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Moonlight (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
A rare gay film that focuses on the harsh black community
Depicts a relatable tale that is filled with realism
Growth of the character from a child to adulthood is executed well
Soundtrack makes each scene into an art piece that touches your soul
What's bad?
Pacing is painfully slow and could make you feel bored inbetween
Pretty good!
A Gay film that is different, though marred by the very slow pacing
Moonlight tries to portray sexuality through the rigid black communities where such thing is normally a taboo subject. It succeeded by showing us the interesting growth of the main characters and his tales to survive through his childhood to adulthood. However, its very slow pacing marred the experience quite a bit, which is a pity.


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