That One Question

That One Question

This seems to be such a simple question yet I feel like it’s not asked often enough. Such a simple question yet it bears a power to transform a person’s entire mood. How many times have you asked this question this month? Hell, how many times have you asked this question this week?

Everyone needs someone to talk to, who will not only hear but really listen. Everyone has a need to vent or simply share happiness with. So many people talk so much these days that no one is left to listen. Because everyone wants to tell something but not everyone wants to listen. In a society that emphasizes the uniqueness of the individual, where everyone is made to feel special and different, everyone has an amazing story to tell.

Everyone thinks their stories are better, more important than the next person’s. Everyone thinks that their problems are more serious, bigger than the other person’s. Maybe they are. Better, more important, more serious, bigger. But we can’t truly compare our experiences or our woes to others. We all have things to tell. Different things. There can be no equal or more or less in experiences or troubles.

To a 5-year-old, watching the ice cream truck passes without buying any might be a serious problem, but not to a 20-year-old. Ok maybe to some of the 20-year-olds. My point is, something that appears inconsequential to you might actually be a matter of huge consequence to others.

In my humble opinion, the world can do so much better with more listeners. Less depressed people. Less mental diseases. Maybe, just maybe, what this world needs is not new drugs or new labels for people or feelings. Maybe, what this world truly needs, is merely someone who sincerely asks and listens.


How was your day?


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