The Lego Batman Movie (2016) Mini Film Review

The Lego Batman Movie (2016) Mini Film Review

Well well well, ever since the mega box office success of 2014’s The Lego Movie, there have been talks of spin-offs in the coming days. One of them has just arrived, and he is the black crusader, a defender of Gotham from all of its villains. He who fights in darkness but is the protector of light. He is Batman! In lego forms! The Lego Batman Movie is the first of the two Lego movies coming out this year and we are here to see whether it can improve upon its predecessor!



The basic premise is a pretty simple summary of Batman’s everyday life of fighting crimes. Batman and Joker meet and the former denies they have a special relationship, causing Joker to be hurt in his heart. Then, Batman also accidentally adopted a son, Robin, while he witnesses his role in crime fighting diminished when Barbara becomes the Commissioner. At the same time, Joker has a hidden plan to recapture Gotham City. Will Batman be able to save the city this time when the citizens themselves do not want him anymore?

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Joker is sad that Batman has changed form…



Man oh, man! I just love the spontaneity and awesome atmosphere of the film. With this Lego movie, it matches the style of The Lego movie itself but with more…Batmanness! It’s not trying to replicate the same formula, but it manages to create its own unique superhero-esque comedy that stands out on its own. I’m really impressed at all the other superhero movie references from the oldest Batman movie to some other movies entirely, even including a few that relates to Marvel Comics and dissing them playfully. Batman himself is full of personality and ego which makes lots of his scenes both comedic and seriously fun to watch.

Furthermore, the movie plays with some typical superhero movie stereotypes and cliches opening style. It also picks fun at itself most of the time that will satisfy fans of the superhero. While there are some pacing issues and overuse of jokes in the middle portion, most of them are genuinely funny and the action scenes look sick. The soundtracks are golden, with a mix of pop, rock, beatboxing and hardcore metal. And the animation is bright and colourful, giving us the sense of playing with real Lego bricks, to the time when you imagine your Lego characters moving. This is perhaps one of the best animations for both adults and children to watch.



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The Lego Batman Movie (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Signature Lego Animation Quality
Signature Lego film comedy
Very well done action sequences and flashy graphics
Plenty of easter eggs and references to other films
Soundtrack is a blast!
What's bad?
Some scenes try too hard to be funny
Lego is back with its signature style!
Lego Batman continues the great legacy of Lego films with its own unique take on the Gotham superhero and villains. It employs its style of comedies with plenty of easter eggs for fans to enjoy its excellent animation and graphics along.



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