The Beds that We let Memories Sleep

The Beds that We let Memories Sleep

Remember back to the times when you have your first memory. If you did not realise that there is one place where we spend at least few hours on it: The Bed. For some, the bed will have changed shape or appearances, right back from when you were a small baby, lying down idly and innocently on the bed. You are back into your past, back to the small body that is struggling to say a word and waving your arms aimlessly at the ceilings.

Then, as time passed, your bed changes again. It becomes bigger and perhaps with better designs. The bed becomes your playground where you read or heard stories at night. It is an endless fun, and sometimes you are scared of whatever is hiding beneath the same bed. Covering yourself with the blanket gives you a peace of mind. and the whole bed becomes your safe zone against those imaginary beings.

Later, the clock keeps ticking, and the bed changes its shape to fit the bigger and longer you. Now, it becomes your rest point as you finished your homework or after tiring day activities. Perhaps it becomes the place where you connect with your music and the social media. Also, now it’s becoming less of a significance to you as a whole, but still you longed for it when you got back home.

As we move on with time, the bed changes again, this time it’s shared with two people instead. Love and intimacy surround the bed as the two of you spend time on it. It retains all these smells that your partner or you love and also the memories of the best lovemaking you had. No longer is the bed being warmed up by your body alone, now, you are also receiving the warmth from your love.

Soon, the bed changes to a plainer one, where for some, is still shared with two people, while for others, you are back to your lonely self. The bed is now near its final stage, where memories from the past is trickling back slowly as you embrace them. The time keeps flowing together with life. One can’t flow without the other, and the Bed witnesses all of these in motion.

Finally, the bed changes to its final form, one that is different for everyone. Perhaps you will get one made of wood, or of earth, or just earthly powder. In here, you will spend your time with it permanently. As the time comes, so shall the memories from the bed be released, this time it goes to those that you treasure or love. The bed does not try to keep them all, it becomes your best friend that supports you from the beginning right till the final end.

For we all have the same bed in multiple forms that we rest on. Feel and keep the memories of them with you and appreciate your journey through life with them. Some may have their bed changed permanently within a short time. Some will keep changing non-stop. Hopefully, let us all be able to sleep peacefully on this bed, and smile when the time comes, so as to go back to the beginning of life.



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