Trivisa [Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng](2016) Mini Film Review

Trivisa [Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng](2016) Mini Film Review

When it comes to action crime thriller genre, Hong Kong is undoubtedly one of the most famous in the forefront. With its long history that used to dominate the films of such genre before the 2000s, its action films have become its trademark. However, recently many films that have been released from the region seems to be hits and misses. The quality has become uncertain and inconsistent. Trivisa is another film that has come out last year, but it is the directorial debuts of 3 Directors! Let’s see how this film fares in the review below!



The basic premise is based on fictionalised stories of 3 infamous mobsters in Hong Kong: Kwai PPing-hung,Yip Kai Foon and Cheung Tze-keung. They are very famous in the 90s period for robbing, kidnapping and anything that earns them money in the face of the law. This film explores their fictionalised relationships, especially when each of them starts to face hardship in their work before the transfer of Hong Kong to China in 1997. One day, a rumour begins that state those three ‘Kings of Thieves’ are planning to cooperate. While each of the men does not know of this at first, they soon begin to contemplate it but they don’t recognise one another. Would another great robbery happen again?

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The tale of 3 thieves and greed…



There are some great action scenes but they are few in between. This film is less about the action but more about its exploration of each character’s lives. They portray the 3 men as gangsters that just want to live in normal means, with one of them even decided to quit the business and do things legally. I must say the actors are generally good at their roles, giving their characters some forms of personality. However, some of the lines seem too scripted and actions too exaggerated. Worse, the pacing can get a bit strayed off periodically, producing some boring moments which are then intercepted by great moments.

The story makes use of typical Hong Kong style of comedy and shots style. There are also some acts of violence that are common in this genre in its raw forms. With that said, such scenes are also quite few in-between. I feel that the ending is a really great reveal that been foreshadowed in the middle portion of the film. Aside from that, there is nothing that stands out aside from the fact that it is quite a nationalistic film that depicts the transference of Hong Kong back to China.


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Trivisa [Shù Dà Zhāo Fēng](2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Film is executed and directed well
Great veteran cast and they are each filled with unique personality
What's bad?
Erratic pacing with some draggy parts
Cliche story
Film lacks a main direction and visual style
Soundtrack is just lacklustre
Pretty good!
A decent Hong Kong-Chinese Film
Trivisa lacks a good plot and is marred by bad pacing and script. However, it is executed pretty well with its materials and the great cast. Watch only if you are interested in the actors though.




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