Pain and Pleasure

Pain and Pleasure

If you are here, reading this, thinking I’m writing about BDSM, then you’re in for a massive disappointment. You might as well stop reading.

I’m here to share a bit about pain in life.

I got a sort of epiphany on my walk up the hill on one chilly autumn day. I had a terrible blister and the pain was close to excruciating. Close but not quite. It was painful and I felt it every step of the way, right just a little bit above my right heel.

The pain was all my brain could think of as I stared at the grey asphalt. Until I looked up from the road and snapped my focus out of my heel.

Left and right, sunlight filtered through golden leaves. Up ahead, bright blue sky with wispy threads of clouds and about 5 steps from where I was standing, an assortment of beautiful flowers.

Just like that, the pain was gone from my head. Replaced by sheer delight.

Very often when we encounter pain, we focus solely on it. Giving it the power to rule our very beings. We’re so consumed by the feeling of discomfort that we forget to look and think of everything else. Everything else around us just shifts out of focus.

By focusing on the pain of my blister, I missed about 8 minutes of pleasure I could have had from my surrounding. But I stopped, I looked and took a huge gulp of air and suddenly it didn’t hurt that much anymore.

Face the pain in life. Embrace them. They are there for a reason but understand that pain is temporary and that it shouldn’t make you forget to live. After all, you need a little pain in life to be able to fully appreciate pleasure.



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