Dimension W [Dimenshon Daburyū] Season 1(2016) Anime Review

Dimension W [Dimenshon Daburyū] Season 1(2016) Anime Review

Dimension W is an anime series based on the manga of the same name that is currently still serialising. The first season is released around March this year and this review will cover the entire season as a whole. Season 1 consists of 12 episodes and has been released internationally by Funimation. So, let’s get down to the review!

The basic premise is set in the future where humans discover a new dimension that is able to provide unlimited energy. They name it Dimension W, a place where unknown energy is channeled through ‘Coils’, the machines that harness the power. The population uses these coils just like batteries, and it can be used to power anything for the indefinite amount of times. However, some illegal coils appear in the market sometime which is against the laws. Kyoma is a ‘Collector’ whose job is to retrieve such coils, but one day he encounters an incident which he meets an android girl, Mira, who has a unique built. Soon, they discover that the coils and Dimension W contain horrible and mystifying secrets.




Dimension W employs bright artstyle that is quite common among animes nowadays. It does not try to look the best in the art department, but by doing what has worked in the industry. In this case, most of the colour palette is pretty simple but pleasing to the eyes. Sometimes, there a mixture of CGI and 2D animation, though they did a good job in converting the former to look similar to the latter. Their cel-shaded-ish CGI sometimes fool me in certain scenes thinking they are drawn pieces. The environments are well drawn but is quite a cliche in their look and diversity.

Animation wise, there are plenty of fighting sequences and explosions here. It’s not the best fighting anime I have ever seen, but the action scenes are well drawn and certainly tensing and exciting to watch. Mostly, Kyoma uses hand to hand combat with his metal darts that make his actions look cool and badass, yet also pretty elegant.




Aside from the main characters and some important ones, the other characters are drawn as simply as possible. The personalities of Mira and Kyoma are as contrasted as they can be, but I love how the anime tries to build their relationship as it goes. Mira belongs to the cutesy characters that are cliche in the anime, but I like its implementation in Dimension W. It seems that Mira is so cliche yet also slightly unique that her character adds lots of funny, memorable and impactful moments to the series.

Kyoma, on the other hand, is a bit more original. His appearance and skills and characters are quite common too in the anime world, but he possesses certain quality that I couldn’t pinpoint to his likability. It seems the relationship between Kyoma and Mira does not seem forced or scripted. Their attitude to each other makes the duo an interesting pair that you can empathise and get curious about. There are also others such as Loser and Kyoma’s comrade Albert Schuman that leaves a pretty deep impression on me.

Overall, the main characters are great but there are other characters that seem to be rushed to be included, especially the main villain.



The story contains some bits of originality in linking Dimension W to something more paranormal in nature, so it’s a mix of science fiction and psychological aspects. Its first few episodes are pretty cool in setting up the story world and the characters. Its pacing is also slower in the beginning but it suddenly begins to rush through in the last 4 episodes. I felt that there is so much stuff happening that is being rushed which undermine the impact of the main villain’s appearance, which is pretty sudden. Otherwise, the story itself is good and better than average.

Dimension W’s music is pretty hip-hop and its Opening is perhaps one of the best ones I have heard this year. The fighting sequences also contain tracks that induce excitement and tension and badassness. Its chosen soundtracks just work and fit the story and the scenes.



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Dimension W [Dimenshon Daburyū] Season 1(2016) Anime Review
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What's good?
An original premise
Likeable characters filled with own personalities
Great and memorable action sequences
Lit tracks with hip-hop fused Japanese Rock!
What's bad?
Pacing suffers from some of the narratives being too rushed
The main villain is introduced too sudden and lacks a menacing aura
Pretty good!
One of the more decent anime series of the year
Dimension W impresses with its animation quality and awesome action sequences that is further amplified with lit soundtracks. It also features unique and likable characters that form an unlikely pair. However, its pacing suffers from some narrative being too rushed and also featuring a weak Main Villain suddenly.


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