Sing (2016) Mini Film Review

Sing (2016) Mini Film Review

Sing is created by the same studio that brings you the Despicable Me series and of course, that includes the famous Minions! So now that they have gained success in The Secret Life of Pets, which seems to prove they are able to produce equally market grossing original movie without relying on the minions. With that said, can Sing really be the next hit being produced by them? Let’s find out!



The basic premise is of a koala, Buster Moon, who has tried to create a hit show after he has been inspired by his childhood experience in the theatre. However, he is in debt and he thought of an idea to solve it: Singing Contest. The problem comes in when a typo occurs which raises the prize money from $1000 to $100000. Soon, a big bunch of people starts auditioning and Moon has to find a way to solve the crisis before its too late, and he also risks his dream of opening a successful show and keeping the theatre that his father helped create.

Screen Shot Sing film

When the Reality Singing Contest becomes mainstream even in the animation world



In a sense, this is a fairly typical kids comedy show that uses the currently popular singing contests shows as a base. With that said, there are several interesting twists they add in this film. For once, the characters themselves are applicable to who we can find in our everyday life. The characters are relatable to us, especially with their background as a mother, a criminal’s son and even a girl who is dumped by her boyfriend. Some of them have their story intertwined with the main narrative which provides great side stories to an otherwise cliche main narrative.

The pieces of music chosen are particularly modern, with a mixture of some old-school classics. I admit that this aspect is what hooked me to watch the film in the first place. The power of memorable songs are really important and I get to remember all of them again upon watching this film. The animation is particularly great but still not to the level of Pixar. One thing that they lack is the heart and deep moral story which Pixar possesses. However, it has something that Pixar doesn’t, which is just to have fun and SING! You will smile and laugh at some of the comedic scenes and then just ‘chillaxly’ enjoying everything till the end of the film. Though, it’s still just a good, not great, animation film.



Sing (2016) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Appeals to wide audiences of all ages
Characters backgrounds and back stories are relatable
Reflects the real world obsession with singing contests
Genuinely funny moments
Selection of songs comprise old classics and newer hits
What's bad?
Narrative is pretty cliche and formulaic
A fun animated movie for all ages!
With a pretty formulaic narrative, this film manages to provide entertainment to audiences of all ages. By reflecting the real world obsessions with singing contests and applying some ficitionalised story, it manages to make us feel relatable to the characters and enjoy the film throughout.


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