Sheet Happens

Sheet Happens

“Shit happens.” Never before, words ring truer and with those two words, paired with an extremely charming smile, I breathed a sigh of relief.

We were on a date and we somehow got separated. I misunderstood and exited the castle by myself. He was kindly waiting for me, saving half a marzipan chocolate while I was in the bathroom. The chocolate melted and fell to the floor. As if I haven’t already felt so terrible.

Now, he could have been upset that I didn’t listen properly and wander off instead. He was probably annoyed but hid it very well (being the gentleman that he is) but what I learned from that little incident was that shit happens. And he made a choice.

He could have frowned and be upset. We were separated for about 15 (or 20) minutes (I didn’t have a sim card and there was no wifi), the time which we could have used to explore a bit more. And the chocolate. It’s CHOCOLATE and it FELL. I don’t think any sane person wouldn’t get annoyed by that.

He could have been mad at me but instead he said “shit happens” and smiled and just like that, the happy date was back on and the date, the whole beautiful day, ended wonderfully.

It doesn’t mean I’m going to forget and just commit the same mistake again. I made a mental note to listen better. You don’t have to be angry at people to make a point. Or to teach them a lesson.

This is just one of a few instances of ‘shit happens’ situations. I’m no angel and I have to admit that there had been times when I was annoyed by little things. Things that ended up in rows that could have been totally avoided. Now I know better, I’ve learned a useful lesson. Shits happen. They do and when they do, it’s completely up to us to make a choice and to determine the outcome.

To that one special person who has immense patience, thank you. Thank you for being patient with me. Thank you for your smile and kindness and above all, thank you for this teaching me a valuable life lesson.


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