Tame Your Dragon

Tame Your Dragon

The words started to blur in my vision. The absence of caffeine in my bloodstream coupled with the flight delay… I was a ticking time bomb. I was bracing myself, waiting for the cranky bitch to emerge from my subconscious, turning me into an unpleasant lady monster.

But it didn’t come. It never came. I was just sitting on the chair, patiently (in a daze), waiting to be called to board. I was so at peace and calm I was pretty amazed. I thought I was gonna breathe fire but no.

It’s amazing how serene you can be when you simply accept the inevitable. I tried to analyse what happened and the only explanation I could come up with is that I realised being angry and upset about the delay would be a waste of energy and time.

Will your anxiety change the outcome of the situation? The plane will still be delayed until further notice and you have lost your peace. It’s not like people are just sitting around, doing nothing and delaying you just for the fun of it.

So what’s the point?

Next time you’re about to twist your knickers over a situation, ask yourself, “Will it change anything? Am I still going to get the same result with or without my emotional reaction? Is it worth sacrificing my peace of mind?”

Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and feel the air in your lungs. Focus on the breath. Open your eyes as you exhale. Count to ten. It’s inevitable. Why bother? Suddenly, the anxiety just goes up in the air.

Or maybe I was just too tired and sleepy to be angry.



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