La La Land (2017) Mini Film Review

La La Land (2017) Mini Film Review

La La Land is an American musical comedy film that features Ryas Gosling, Emma Stone and even John Legend as a supporting role. After it premieres, it immediately receives critical acclaim from the public and reviews. Also, it is directed by the famed musical director Damien Chazelle. With so many great talents in this film, is this truly such an amazing film? I am here to prove it out!


The basic premise is about an aspiring actress, Mia, and Sebastian, a freelance jazz pianist. They met each other in a number of awkward and unusual scenarios but quickly felt spark flying between them. As their relationships get deeper, the reality starts to hit as Sebastian has to abandon his original dream to get money, while Mia’s plan to self-produce her play begins to fail. With life getting harsher, will their loveable to survive the trial? And will their dreams will ever come true?

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Love is everywhere~


The film is basically a musical film, but it differentiates itself from others by introducing wild imaginative imageries that form metaphors and dreams. Most of the music are based on Jazz but will include a few other genres in appropriate moments. Straight away, the film’s tones, colour grades and atmosphere reflects the 1980s style, where things are brightly coloured. It brings back the feelings of those times but doesn’t try to emphasise on it. The music plays vital roles in the film that turns an otherwise cliche narrative into an amazing musical performance. Each bit of song contributes to the story while dramatising the subtle moments from the characters’ emotions.

A big round of applause has to go to both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Their chemistry on screen is presented very naturally, and I just love them from the get-go. It is even more surprising that both of them play roles that seem to suit their character. The awkwardness, the love and the dreams the characters possess are fully brought out by these two talented actors. Best of all, Ryan Gosling actually has musical talent and this is shown through the film as his character, Sebastian, composes songs and plays them in his own unique ways. ‘To the fools who dream’, the single line that is uttered by Mia, is beautifully shown in this film through special scenes that turn this film into a sort of play. Alas, it retains the reality that perhaps one has to give up for another, but I like the ending.


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La La Land (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Great musical masterpiece
Chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is perfect
Excellent fusion of imaginary scenes with realities as metaphors
Featured soundtrack are just wonderful
Simple story yet expertly directed
What's bad?
Story is simple enough that there are no major unexpected twist
The film can be a bit too formulatic
One of the best musical film in recent years!
With a top talented cast such as Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone that is accompanied by a wonderful selection of soundtrack, La La Land is a masterpiece that transcends a normal musical film that can actually make you empathise with the characters with its realism.



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