The Big Sick (2017) Mini Film Review

The Big Sick (2017) Mini Film Review

The Big Sick is a romantic comedy film that is unique in that the main characters are portrayed a real couple, and that its premise is loosely based on their real-life encounter. It is directed by Michael Showalter and written by the couple Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. It aims to explore the dating life of the interracial couple in America and the problems they encountered.



After a fateful loud encounter between a Muslim stand-up comedian/Uber driver and an American girl Emily, they develop a relationship that will have to see through several trials. What will they do when the whole world seems to be against their relationship?

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And that’s how you pick up a girl 😉


So this movie is the real-life story of how our lead character met his wife. He plays himself too. And because this story is based on a true story, it is an amalgamation of genres. It is a weird film that is a little hard to judge by conventional standards, but I utterly fell in love with it.

So I would say this film is kind of a comedy albeit not an overtly laugh out loud all the way through funny kind of film. It is a much more obvious drama romance and at the same time, it is also a very personal journey of self-discovery our main character goes through about himself. Just like real life, the sequence of events is kind of weird and very jarring at times, jumping from genre to genre. As such, the pacing suffers and most people might get disappointed with the movie due to the expectations they had about what this film is really about. However, I find it very refreshing and the jarringness actually fits with the story simply because it mimics real life. Maybe there are some events that are a little bit dramatised to entertain but nothing feels like it could not happen in real life, nothing feels too far-fetched to believe.

The characters, meaning the acting and actors/actresses here are the true stars I feel. This film would not have worked without them. Their portrayals are so genuine, it really felt like the people we were watching were real people that did not just exist in the film and in a sense, that is probably true. It made the situational comedy flow, it made the more emotional moments connect. The casting was just really on point and it absolutely worked.

It just gives me hope that maybe there are happy endings in life. They may not always come easy but they are out there coyly waiting for us to work our asses off. To endure frustrating, heartwrenching and sometimes downright ridiculous moments that you sometimes have no choice but to laugh in the face of it all so that the show can go on. An all-around genuine film. Go see it if you get the chance.


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The Big Sick (2017) Mini Film Review
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What's good?
Believable, likeable cast who delivers such genuine performances
Humour is funny at times
Some truly moving moments
What's bad?
Pacing is a little choppy
Some side characters do not really get much development
Pretty good!
A pretty good romantic comedy movie that features real-life couple in their real-life plot
It features interesting likable casts that feel genuine and also relatable to the masses. Although the premise is not very original, its execution is well done and there are some moments where you might shed a tear. This is perhaps one of the better independent movies of the year.


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