What Do You Believe In?

What Do You Believe In?

If there is one important lesson I learned from Wonder Woman, it is about love. Sounds cliche I know but doesn’t make it any less true. Not just love but unconditional love. Everyone preaches about love these days.

It’s a concept I’m still trying to comprehend, love. It’s simple and complicated at the same time. It’s crystal clear but also confusing at times. “I love you”, in my humblest opinion, are the three most loaded words in the Universe.

It is so easy to say those three words. They are but three little words not more than a single syllable each. To stay true to those words though… Too many times I’ve seen people say I love you just to see them do things that speak otherwise.

What does loving truly means? I am in no position to tell you the answer, to be honest. But I’d love to share what I’m currently practicing. I’m trying to live my life without any expectation.

I believe in action and reaction. I believe that we reap what we sow. I also believe that whatever we aspire to do in this world, we shouldn’t think about what we will get in return. I believe in karma but forget about it for a second and ask yourself a question before you do something.

Will I still do it if there is no karma, good or bad?

It is when you answer this question honestly that your true character reveals itself.

Whatever you do, love should be the reason behind it. Wonder woman is right about one thing, among many. Love will save the world. It’s not about who deserves it, it’s about what you believe in.

You can think that certain people don’t deserve your kindness and your love. You can. But you don’t really need to like someone to be nice to him/her. True kindness is not about choosing who deserves it. You just… hand it out.

Love and don’t expect anything in return. It gets easier with more practice. Smile and be kind. This world can be cruel and it can certainly use a little more of kindness and laughter.



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