Bone Daddies Ramen Bar Review

Bone Daddies Ramen Bar Review

It’s so hard to get a good ramen place in the UK. Well, it is indeed if you are not living in the big cities like London or Manchester. When I arrived in London, the urge to eat ramen intensifies as I read through my facebook posts about the new ramen store opening in Singapore. And that’s how it started when I searched for great ramen bars in London using the online recommendation. With much excitement, I went to try out Big Daddies, which is in the top 5 recommended list to see if it taste as good as Singapore’s.

(this review is a Limited review—means I have not tried all of their choices and it will be updated each time I visit them)

*This review is not sponsored by Bone Daddies and I paid for the meals out of my own pocket.


Food Quality

The restaurants serve quite a few choices between chicken stock or the pork stock, which the latter they proudly proclaim to be cooked over 20 hours! I ordered the Tonkotsu Ramen with an added Nori as an extra. Then I asked for some good recommendation for a sake to pair with the strong taste of tonkotsu broth. The lovely waitress recommended me a Musumi Sake, which was being described as smooth and fruity. She allowed me to sample it before ordering a glass and it did taste as described. Its taste suited my palate and I enjoyed every single sip.


I was lucky to be able to get the whole bottle as only some of them are left and could fill my glass almost twice with the leftover. The clear glass is placed inside a wooden box which prevents the sake spilling directly onto the table. It looks neat and very traditional, and the lighting just makes into a sort of art piece with bubbles on top (Look at the condensation droplet against the darkened background! :D)

Minutes later, the ramen arrives in a red bowl. The chopsticks and spoon are prepared beforehand on the side of the table. Let’s dig in!


The noodles are pretty thin and quite springy. It’s easy to bite and slightly chewy as well. I tried to drink the broth without the noodle and realised that it’s Thick and Salty! Perhaps this is just my preference, but I find it a bit too salty. The same goes for the bamboos, with each bite intensifying the saltiness of the dish. However, I love the eggs and the chewiness which melt pleasantly in my mouth and the cha-shuu! The latter two are the redeeming qualities of this tonkotsu ramen with the Nori adding extra texture and damping down the saltiness slightly.

The pairing with the Musumi Sake is wonderful, with the saltiness counter-balanced with the slight sweetness of the sake, making it easy to wash out the thick broth in the mouth and left a refreshing taste. Definitely try this pairing if you find the saltiness to be a bit excessive for your palate.

Finally, I ordered a dessert, which is recommended by the same waitress (she suggested the banana and salted caramel flavour, I chose the latter) The mochi is available in different flavours with the salted caramel and green tea being the most popular.


This dessert was served on a traditional Japanese plate, making it into an art piece with the mochi sliced into two and looking like a split moon. Literally, the outer texture looked powdery with some sugar flakes on top. Inside, it was pure yellow that screams at you to eat it. I grabbed one half and popped it into the mouth. This time, the saltiness from the caramel is just Perfect! It’s chewy, with some texture from the sugar and the coldness from being chilled, then the caramel slowly dissolves around your tongue and you taste every part of it. I was amazed at this wonderful dessert that I almost forgot to take more pictures. Pity that these two pieces didn’t last that long; good times will pass the fastest and good food disappears the fastest as well. I will definitely order the same flavour and perhaps one more flavour to try for my next visit.


Bone Daddies Ramen Bar Review
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What's good?
Refreshing fruity sake
Ramen extras taste good
Salted Caramel mochi is an absolute delight
What's bad?
The over-saltiness of the pork-broth ramen
Pretty good!
A ramen place with great sake and dessert but overly-salty ramen broth
Bone Daddies is a decent place for ramen but its broth can be overly salty for some. The restaurant has altered the menu to fit the westerner's tastebud and thus you will not taste the Japanese version as much. Regardless, it has great sakes and a pretty nice dessert.


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