Aggy The Goldfish

Aggy The Goldfish


I’m Aggy.

If you know me well, then you know that I’m Aggy the Goldfish.

I don’t get offended if you call me goldfish. In fact, I love being goldfish.

Apology. You must be wondering why I’m a goldfish.

Apparently, goldfish has a short term memory and forgets a lot and fast.

Just like me.

Okay I’m not as forgetful as a goldfish. But still. I am pretty forgetful. But I’m actually grateful for it. Not when I’m looking for my keys or wallet. But when I’m upset or mad.

Goldfish memory comes in handy when I’m upset or feeling negative emotions. I forget fast. I get upset and mad at people and 5 seconds later, poof, gone. Forgotten.

Huh? I was mad at you? I was sad? When? What for?

As for positive feelings, like happiness, for example. Do I forget them too? Do they pass as quick as the negative feelings?

You would think if they do, it would sucks, big time. But not for me. You see, I don’t try to hold on to feelings. It’s a futile attempt. The faster you understand that feelings come and go, the less you suffer.

My memory retains the good feelings longer than the bad feelings. It’s natural. I’m a human and everyone wants to be happy. But I let it ebb and flow. I remember good memories and forget the bad but I truly believe that happiness is inside you.

I forget good memories and good feelings at times, rarely, but I AM a GOLDFISH so yes, as much as I want to be able to recall all the good stuff, unfortunately, my goldfish brain doesn’t work like that. BUT, I’m a true believer that I’m in charge of my own well being and that I can create happiness out of thin air, not only for myself but  for others too.

So,do I like being the goldfish? You bet.

I’m Aggy, and I’m a happy little goldfish.


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