Stillness in Speed

Stillness in Speed

Never have I thought in a million years that I would actually find peace at the speed of 210km/hour on top of a giant motorbike. Yes, 210, I kid you not. The wind was no longer whispering but rather roaring in your ears.

The world simply whizzed by in a blur of green and blue. I couldn’t really move my head because the wind would have forced my head back so instead I stared ahead.

First, you feel your heart rate slowly climbing up as your sight gain speed. 100.150. 180. You can actually feel it in your blood when the number hit 200. There’s just this feeling in your gut. It’s exhilarating.

But of course, it’s more than the gut feeling. Your blood rushes through your head and if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll find yourself in a heightened sensation. Suddenly, the world seems clearer, the colours seem brighter and you just can’t wipe this silly grin on your face.

It was at this peak of this heightened state that I found my stillness and in it, I found my serenity. After I had my fill of the world around me, I closed my eyes and the world just shut down.

I could hear my own heartbeat, rapid at first, before slowing down with every gulp of air. Of course, the breath itself was remarkable. I could smell the tree, the grass, the flowers, the soil.

I could even smell the sky and the cold.

At 210km/hour, I felt myself integrated and disintegrated at the same time. I found myself melting into my surrounding. Becoming one with nature and the Universe, there’s this feeling of being indestructible. You no longer fear death, or life. Instead, you welcome them with open arms and embrace them.

It was a sense of freedom, of pure bliss, of joy and so many more good things in the world.

I opened my eyes and the world just came into a sharper focus.



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