Life’s a Playful One

Life’s a Playful One

Life is indeed a playful one. It has a quirky sense of humour. Like, for example, have you ever experienced the following:

You wake up in a foul mood. No reason. Then, you prepare your day as usual and then walk out of the house. You meet your best friend who just happens to be on the same bus you are boarding on. You feel happy and have a great with chat.

Life flips a coin.

You reach the bus stop near your destination and exits the bus, waving bye to your friend. Suddenly, it starts to rain. You have no umbrella and have to run before you get drenched. One slip then you fall, with everything in your pockets flying out in four directions. You are in a rush, so you pick up most of them in a hurry.

Life has a change of mood.

You receive a call from someone important and receive a great news. The news is great enough that you forget your current mishap momentarily. You are in joy. Nothing in the world can make you depressed now.

Then Life gives a smirk.

Yes, this is Life. If you notice, there will always a pattern in your life. It differs for each person, but a very subtle pattern exists. Life is fair to everyone, yet it is too fair that it can be cruel. The only way to go through Life is to notice its pattern,  then play along with it. It’s a game, enjoy the challenges and be appreciative of the surprises along the way.

Life. You are a fcker, but also a best friend.


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