Final Fantasy TCG: Intro & Video Review

Final Fantasy TCG: Intro & Video Review

Final Fantasy TCG has arrived in English edition and released worldwide in October. The cards are based on most of the Final Fantasy series as well as a spin-off, such as FF Dissidia. I am doing the Intro & Review with Joe Rowland and Josh Llyod, frequent players of FF TCG, and also great thanks to 8bit Planet for allowing me to do it in their place.

(8bit Planet is a game store that hosts regular TCG tournament of Pokemon, Yugioh, Magic, Final Fantasy and other video games based in Rupert Street, Bristol, UK)

0:15 Intro to Final Fantasy TCG
0:25 Types of Cards
0:59 Elemental Types
2:00 Elemental Pro/Cons
3:00 Explanation of Cards Mechanic
3:30 How to Produce CP
9:30 How to Win
10:20 Forming Decks and Comparison to Magic The Gathering


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