Icy Morning : Serenity

Icy Morning : Serenity

It was a cold icy morning. I checked my phone, the temperature was -2°C, then a freezing wind just blew past me as I walked out of the gate. Every single breath produced a white mist that dissipates as fast as it appeared. Step by step, it was as if my feet were bare, touching against the cold pavement without any protection.

Then I looked up at the rising sun, its rays enveloping the buildings until it reaches me. Temporary warmth washed over me as it hits my skin, only for the cold to overcome it seconds later. Where I was, it was obvious that the night before had been a very cold one. The plants were literally covered with ice particles. They can be brushed off easily but some of them just looked beautiful.

A very serene moment. It was nature at it’s most peaceful. It was a moment frozen in time. Whites are interwoven with green. Living co-existed with Non-living. And here I am, witnessing them all while feeling the chill myself. I stood there for some time, slowly breathing in the cold air and exhaling the mist.

Perhaps it’s a long one, but each moment has an end. The sun rays swooped over the plants, melting the ice slowly. As the small ice shards disappear, the plants came back to life. Just as we would sometimes get frozen over from our life’s trials, there will be times of change in the moments. Let it melt you, for you to regain yourself together. For you will walk away from this moment to the next better ones in the future.

Till another moment; shall we freeze again under the sun. This time, perhaps, is to just rest under the serene ice.



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