The Foreigner Film Review (2017) – Jackie Revenge Thriller

The Foreigner Film Review (2017) – Jackie Revenge Thriller

It is rare to see Jackie Chan in a gritty action thriller and damn is it a real treat. However, that is not the only thing on display here. This is a part action movie, part political drama thriller. And with one of the most famous Asian movie stars as the main character, could we perhaps hold it as high to our expectation of him? Read on The Foreigner film review below to find out!



A London businessman who hides a secret past becomes a vengeful persona when his daughter is killed in an explosion. While he plots revenge, a British government official becomes a key to the truth of the incident. Could either side achieve what they have planned to do? Or would both of them fail to accomplish anything?

The Foreigner Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan in a revenger role!



In terms of story, the gritty action movie is carried by Jackie Chan with Pierce Brosnan being one of the main antagonists. The Political drama thriller side is centered around Pierce Brosnan as a kind of anti-hero. The 2 storylines are of course related but honestly, even if they were separated, they are equally compelling stories by themselves too.

In terms of characters, although they both have chances to show off their acting range, I felt like Brosnan was the standout here as his character had a more emotional complexity to him. That being said Chan has his moments too but I feel like he still shines more in the action scenes. There were plenty of side characters in the story but due to the focus of the story, I felt like some of them were underdeveloped.

In terms of the action, it is truly superb here and Jackie Chan has still got it. They are very fast paced and brutal but of course, it is not just him but his co-stars too. Think the same frenetic scenes found in Casino Royale.

Special mention to the soundtrack here. It has a very electric vibe to it and it reminded me slightly of Tron but it really works in this movie be it in the quieter tension building scenes or the frenetic action scenes. I do not generally pay much attention to the soundtrack but I could not help but take note of it.


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The Foreigner Film Review (2017) – Jackie Revenge Thriller
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What's good?
A gritty, brutal and fast paced action scenes with Jackie Chan, something i think is rare
Interesting storyline with many moving parts
Superb acting from Brosnan
Great Soundtracks that is unexpected in this genre
What's bad?
Pacing could have been a bit tighter but still fine overall
Plenty of filler side characters who are not really expanded upon
Jackie Chan is back with a Bang!
This is the movie that many have not expected and many will be awed by Jackie Chan's transformation from his usual comedic role to something similar to the Taken series. It also features intriguing of providing double perspectives from two different characters to create a compelling tale.


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