Storm and Delays: Train & Life

Storm and Delays: Train & Life

Today is the day when Storm Angus hits South West of England, causing severe delays or cancellations for many passengers in London. I am one of those who is stuck in the station for some time. The board keeps updating us with new information regarding the delays, where mine has been delayed 3 times in a row. To be honest, I can’t really blame them, as the flood is severe enough to submerge a car.

So here I am, sitting in one of those rarely available chairs, waiting for the next train to come. My phone and Macbook’s battery are running flat too; I might have to disconnect myself from the internet for a while. Alas, I managed to get a free power plug from Costa, which is a lifesaver. I share the table with another lady, who coincidentally is waiting for the same train. We take turns walking outside looking at the Electronic Board, a rare form of teamwork that I hardly do.

With nature disrupting everyone’s schedules, it seems to cause me to stop and look around. This is part of Life, where the up and downs are; we are now in the latter. Sometimes, challenges come in the form of storms, both physically and figuratively. We may not have the power to overcome them with the current situation, and so patience is key. The storm will subside; it’s just a matter of time. Perhaps this is precisely the time we need to take a breather. Yes, a breather to calm down, enjoying the tense situation with a serene mind.

You will encounter several incidents that remind you what life is: It is full of surprises. For example, when I manage to sit on the train, other nearby passengers and I keep hearing a ringtone from somewhere. After some searching, we realise that it’s a lost phone underneath one of the chairs. One of the passengers picks it up and answers the call. The caller is the phone owner’s Mum, who I suppose must have been worried when she could not contact her son in the middle of the storm. The passenger offers to return the phone to the next stop and they will work it out.

This is what Life is to us humans: Interactions. We interact with each other at the times of needs. Disruptions are also Life’s way of telling us to stop our monotonous routine; a break in our constant schedule. Hating it or appreciating it is our choice. You will, or have to, learn from this period in due time. I just hope you learn the right one.

For we crave constant; yet a change might just be what we need to experience this Life fully.


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