Groundhog Day & Our Life : On Repeat

Groundhog Day & Our Life : On Repeat

Yes, on repeat, and repeat…and yet again: it repeats. Have we all just been living the same life every day? Have we actually become like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day? Imagine that you are on its movie poster, how would you feel? Is time looping something awesome that you want? Perhaps it is, or perhaps not. So now let’s get to this looping of our life into our attention, shall we? Let’s loop!

(the following is just my opinion)

Time keeps ticking; it does not stop. When I watched Groundhog Day recently, how I wish that I could have the same power. I have wanted to try out time looping, where you can go about and do silly stuff, knowing full well that tomorrow shall never come, and the consequences shall never bite you back. -Repeat-. And the day loops back, again yet again, but for what purpose? In the Groundhog Day, it is for Bill Murray to learn the meaning of loving and caring for others. For him, this chance of time looping is to experience what humans kindness can do for your being. Then, for us who have already watched the film, would we do the same?

Guess what, we are actually, for most of us, already living in a semi time-loop! Every single day, there might not be many changes seen in your life. We will wake up, check our phone for any emails, social media and media consumption. We will perhaps take the public transportation or drive a car to work or school. Then, we will perhaps watch some more videos or medias on a screen. Few hours later, half the day has gone by and we go back home to have dinner, and watch a digital screen again and then goes to sleep with it. The coming day will most likely repeat itself. It’s just some days where we are lucky (or unlucky) that things change. Sometimes, I find that if I activate airplane mode and then look up into the sky or anywhere else in the distance, I felt changes. I see something that I have not noticed, or appreciated before. Then I see something new happening in my surroundings. If I close my eyes and listen, I will hear new sounds or experience the wind against my skin. When I was a kid, this seems normal and is part of my life, but not anymore.

We are on a semi time loop that STILL keeps ticking down. Our life is still limited in the end. There are so many things out there to do and see and feel, yet sometimes we (I myself included) prefer to just stare at the digital screen and let the time flows past us. Perhaps we as human being, just love being constant, that is the nature of it. So, if we are trapped in a true time loop, I felt that (before we go crazy) we would actually do things that we would previously thought it’s undoable/undare-able. The irony that we would do so much when there’s a real time loop, where any time wasted can be wasted away versus the real life where time is finite, which we would do nothing more than our routine.

Well, it’s just an opinion and a theory of mine. I could be wrong, but be sure to look around us as we -On Repeat-again the next day. Everyday, let’s make it a Groundhog Day, so that we can start doing stuff that’s legal and doable!

-On Repeat-



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