AMC Aloe Gel Review

AMC Aloe Gel Review

Aloe vera, you have been appearing pretty much everywhere, haven’t you? With the exploding popularity of aloe vera products in the market, it’s not too surprising that there would one found in any households. Even if it’s not the primary product advertised, aloe vera has been used in body products like shampoo and even hand sanitiser. Today, we are introduced to an Aloe Gel produced in South Africa, and we will test whether it’s really as good as advertised. (it’s given to me by my mum, so let’s test out my mum’s experience in this as well)

(this review is written with excessive care to avoid any errors, however, there might still be some appearing due to human error)



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(the box is slightly damaged due to being compressed in tight spaces)

AMC decided to present its product in a small rectangular box that is splashed with green hue, to represent the nature of its aloe vera component. The front part has a 99% Pure Aloe as a big marketing term, telling you that only 1% is water and something else. I must admit that the box does not give the feel of a premium product. It’s so easily squashed and damaged and truthfully its design just doesn’t look that good. Simplistic, sure, but nothing much that caught my eye at first glance. You will probably miss it out when placed among the myriad other equivalent products with better designs on the shelf. At the back is the ingredient list, and the normal usage instruction which we all know how to use(hopefully).


Product Quality/Usage

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But hey, it’s the inside that matters, right? And you are right indeed! The bottle is presented in a triangular form with a good smooth matte surface. It is presented in all white and, frankly, it has a better logo design than the front box. I like how it looks more professionally made and the words are placed in the right composition. Now THIS is the simplicity that does not sacrifice good design.

The bottle contains 75ml of aloe vera with some other ingredients like comfrey and anti-oxidants. You just need to turn the cap and then squeeze the white thick gel out. For the face, I just squeeze out an amount similar to 1/3 of my pinky’s height and its width. I don’t really use much as I prefer to apply them evenly thin across the face. After applying the gel, you will feel a cooling damp sensation which will soon disappear. In a cold country like the UK, the gel does help to prevent my skin from becoming dryer in longer hours. It tolerates a little bit of moisture on the skin, but light rain will wash them off fast. This gel can even be used on the scalp if you are feeling somewhere particularly dry and itchy. I have been using this everyday in the morning after bath for the past 1 year and there are no side effects happening to me. I can’t guarantee that it will not happen to all people due to different tolerance or allergies, so use at your own risk and do your own research for this.

For my mum, she will use triple the amount of mine for her face. This makes them look thicker and I am not really sure if it means it can last longer. However, my mum will normally use them several times throughout the day…soooo…perhaps not or she just wants to make sure the surface is of consistent gel thickness :D.

One bottle lasts me for around 3 weeks if I use them everyday once, including weekends when I’m not going out. So depending on your usage, your mileage will vary a lot. You can apply them as many times as you want, but I doubt your skin will get any improvement from the thicker gel. In the cold weather, mine last for around 5 -6 hours if I have been travelling 70% outdoor and 30% indoor. Once again, fully outdoor with rain will last you 30mins , with light rain it will be 1 hour, with strong wind, it will be around 3 hours, and with sun and sweat around 3 hours as well.


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AMC Aloe Gel Review
Product Quality/Usage
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What's good?
Smooth your skin and its effects last pretty long
Works for most skin types
Natural 99% Aloe Vera from South Africa
Not tested on animals
What's bad?
Effect won't last long when skins are exposed to high humidity
Packaging gives off a cheap-knockoff look
Pretty good!
It works pretty well
AMC aloe gel has made my skin smoother and also less dry during the cold weather in UK. It's probably not really 100% aloe vera as this stuff can last pretty long, so some preservative may have been added, but within my one-year usage, no side effect has occurred. If you have been using aloe vera products before, AMC aloe gel will be a fine addition or replacement on your shelf. Never has a dry and rough skin again with this superb plant power(which depends on how much you put on your skin)!!




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