The Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama

The Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama

Back to the classic of an amazing film about magic in a darker sense: The Prestige. The Prestige is directed by Christopher Nolan and it differs so much from Now You See Me series in terms of depth. characters, mood, and style. It also stars very notably heavyweights actors: Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman! With such stars and equally skilled director at its helm, will this movie be the magical ride that you expect? Read on for The Prestige film review of this wonderful mysteriously magical film.



The story sets off in 20th century England with the beginning of the end. We are shown a drowning magician, Robert Angier( Hugh Jackman), who is witnessed by Alfred Borden(Christian Bale). Alfred is charged with his murder and the movie brings us into a flashback of the past through the diary of Angier. However, something happened that could hardly be considered magical, what could the mystery be?

The Prestige Hugh Jackman

The magic tricks that turn deadly…



The story starts off slowly at first, which then begins to accelerate at manageable speed for us to get awed by the progression. There are no exact bad or good guys, which leads us into a sort of maze to find out reasons for the rivalry between the two magicians. We are brought to their perspective intermittently and each provides a new progression and character development. Then, in the middle of it all, we are presented with a link between them; a link that presents a contrast and yet a similarity. The Yin and Yang, and perhaps the grey area of magic which leads us to wonder even more of their motive and tricks.

Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale are well cast for their role, the former for his emotion and the latter for the lack of. Christopher Nolan created an amazing story world that dances around the two men…and the twist that has been hidden way back in foreshadowing. With two very convincing actors in his helm, the film only needs to let you look carefully…at the wonders of magic.


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The Prestige Film Review (2006) – Magician Sci-fi Drama
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What's good?
Well cast actors that deliver phenomenal performance
Gripping, mysterious tale that hooks you till the end
The dark side of magic and humanity is shown greatly
What's bad?
There are some logic defying plotline
Gripping, magical and thrilling film
A dark mysterious film that gripped you from the beginning to the end, and holding out the answer just long enough for you to get hooked to the ending. With the help of two brilliant actors and an amazing director, you will be treated to a prestige, from the beginning to the end.


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