Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Review

Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Review

The gaming mouse is increasingly becoming the norm nowadays, especially when it used to be a niche market. Some people do not even buy it for gaming but because they just look cool with those lightning effects. Some people just love the fact that you can change the DPI to control sensitivity on the fly. Then there are the people who use them for what they are designed for: Gaming. Roccat Kone Pure is yet another gaming mouse coming from a reputable German company to fill in the needs of the market. Let’s check if the German’s famous engineering is able to produce a good mouse compared to rivals such as Razer and SteelSeries.

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Wawawiwa, the packaging is pretty standard for a gaming mouse. You will have a box that is filled with a neon blue palette(depends on the different skins or series), and a big picture of the mouse with Roccat logo glowing right at you. It looks cool and certainly eye-catching when seen among the stalls, and could stand out more than the dark neon green Razer. Inside, you will have the manual and…that’s it. Pretty barebone content but hey, it’s the mouse that’s important right.


Build Quality/Ergonomic

This mouse is built with matte surfaces and is anti-sweat. I have been using it for long hours at a time and I can still grip the mouse properly; it never slips my hand once after 2 years of usage. The matte surface lasts pretty long too so don’t worry about using it for long period or thinking of getting new mouse soon. We also have the glowing Roccat logo at the lower part of the palm rest, by default it’s always blue but you can change it in the software. And the lights still work till now too, even though I have dropped the mouse(accidentally) quite a few times. This proved a lot for its durability in the long run.

Then we have the scroll wheel that is not smooth turning, rather it employs some clicks for every centimetre turn. It’s not a big issue for me as I rather like it, but it’s something to think about for those who prefer a smooth turning wheel. The buttons are easily reached and clickable with reasonable force, preventing accidental pressing while doing work or playing games. Behind the scroll wheel, there also two buttons( + & -) dedicated to increase/decrease DPI on the fly, they seem to increase/reduce by 200DPI each time when clicked. For me, I required a minimum of 400 DPI to get a sense of change, but it’s good for those that prefer to find more leeway in choosing the preferred DPI.


Lastly, the mouse is the ‘palm’ grab type and not ‘claw’ type. People with smaller hands/prefer claw grab may need to consider this factor before buying this mouse, The mouse is also only available in wired form of 1 metre and wireless lovers should go find other series (though I myself prefer wire for consistent performance the lack of need to change batteries) The cord is tough and can handle some pulling or twisting.


Performance wise, it does what it’s supposed to do. There’s not much bell and whistle compared to a high-end mouse, but for general purpose and gaming, it works brilliantly. Roccat designs it just to do one job properly and I like it. While playing FPS such as CS:GO, Bioshock Infinite or other games such as Dota 2, I only need to do a minimal setup of preferred DPI and assigning the skills/shortcuts to the extra two buttons. These work without a hitch thanks to the Roccat software(or through Steam setting itself). I am comfortable with Roccat Kone Pure to the point that I swap Razer Deathadder for it. Though to be fair, my Razer Deathadder is getting old and is not as sensitive anymore and starts breaking down faster than I thought.

The software provided by Roccat allows us to customise the shortcuts for the two extra buttons and also the colour of the Roccat light. There’s plenty to experiment and you can even assign a profile to each game. For example, in CS:GO, I can customise the lighting to show red when I’m hit etc. It’s a really useful feature and makes me more immersed in my gaming session. Take note that it is available for Windows only currently. I have used the mouse on my mac and the changing of DPI is quite limited to only +-400 DPI, there’s also no changing colour or setting profile. Let’s hope that Roccat could make one for Mac Gamer soon.


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Roccat Kone Pure Gaming Mouse Review
Build Quality
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What's good?
Great wired mouse with changeable DPI
Matte anti-sweat surface coating
Comfortable ergonomics
Software adds more customiseablitiy
Mouse is built to last for years
What's bad?
Need Windows to use the provided software
Pretty expensive with not much bells and whistles
A Well designed practical gaming mouse
Roccat Kone Pure delivers on its intended function as a gaming mouse. It is priced in mid-range and does not contain much bell and whistle, but you get a mouse that can last for years and is durable with the matte anti-sweat surface. You will need a Window to get the most out of its customisability, but Mac Gamer should not worry too much as you can change them in the game setting itself.


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