Annabelle: Creation (2017) Mini Film Review

I will only put this teaser here and not the full trailer as I feel that all the trailers released spoil way too much so try not to watch them.


Annabelle: Creation is in essence the origin story of the cursed Annabelle doll, of how it got cursed in the first place. It is if I am not mistaken the earliest film in The Conjuring Movieverse. It involves a group of orphans moving in together with the family that actually makes the “Annabelle” dolls and horror shenanigans ensue.


As horror films go, it is actually a fairly competent horror film in terms of scare factor. However I would say that it is a rather weak entry into the The Conjuring Movieverse in terms of the quality of the scares, the characters and the story itself. It is of course a better film than the first annabelle movie. Because that movie was terrible, so that’s not exactly saying much.

In terms of the plot, I feel like this is actually a little weak and short, so much so that although the movie is only a bit over 1hr 40mins, it still felt like it was a tad too long. Due to the plot actually being very short, I feel like the characters and the horror sequences took a hit trying to make up for the plot’s shortcomings and the flaws basically bleed over one another.

In terms of the characters, I felt like none of the characters were really all that interesting and I did not come to care about a single one of them. Worst of all, they make some really stupid decisions which I felt like they made just so that we could have more scares and the story would not end so fast. Now I know that generally a lot of people in horror movies are kind of dumb but I just expected more from this series and it is no excuse to have lazy script writing just for the sake of having more tense moments.

Now I have to talk about the scares here. There is actually a lot to like about the horror sequences in this film. Some of them are pretty good even if you can kind of see them coming from a mile away. However, it also includes a lot of jump scares and sudden loud sounds which are the cheap kind of horror tactics. It’s rather weird to have them both together because if you are capable of quality scares, why would you be lazy and resort to cheap ones? Because you needed to elongate the runtime of a story that was not very long to begin with? Hmmmm? Well besides that, especially towards the latter half of the film the characters really dial it up on the stupid factor and it makes the horror sequences excruciatingly long, so much so that it feels really taxing as a viewer as you do not really have time to breathe. Kind of like in the transformers series when the action sequences just go on for way too long. It is not bad to that extent but it is the closest analogy i could think of.

All in all, it is not a bad horror film by today’s standard but I just had a higher expectation from this franchise.


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