Atomic Blonde (2017) Mini Film Review


Atomic Blonde is an edgy, stylish spy thriller with some pretty well-choreographed action sequences that take place in Berlin a few days before The Berlin Wall gets torn down. There are many players at play here with varying allegiances.


By the same director and same team that did John Wick, Atomic Blonde has some pretty well choreographed action scenes with one very long one take standing out. However, do not be fooled by the trailers and expect it to be a balls out action flick all the way. This is much more a tense spy thriller than an action movie.

 The main complaint I have heard about this film is that the plot is a bit all over the place. While I agree with that, I feel it actually adds to the genre of the film, that being “spy”. We are introduced to a whole host of characters here and the film will definitely have you questioning whether you can truly trust anyone in the film. Certain plot points happen pretty fast so if you were not paying attention you might just miss something but I would say for the most part that the gist of the plot is not that hard to catch. My cinema had no subtitles and coupled with some foreign accents, certain parts of the dialogue are a bit hard to catch but once again, the gist is understandable. I feel like while the film could have made certain things more clear, the messiness adds to the “spy” feel.

The 2 standout performances and main characters are Charlize Theron and James Mcavoy, the film focusing especially on Charlize. She really brings it in this film especially in the action scenes and you truly believe that she is this badass spy. James Mcavoy is rather charismatic in the role and his character is just fun to watch while on screen. Other characters are more touch-and-go though due to the nature of the story, not getting fleshed out that much.

The visuals in this film are truly gorgeous. The way the shots are framed, the lighting, the color palette and the environments. Everything just oozes style and we already saw a hint of this in John Wick but here it’s really cranked up to 11.


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