That Girl

I was rummaging my cupboards to find my little backpack that I’m going to use for my little backpacking trip when I stumbled upon an old picture of me and my brothers. I’m not saying that I’m pretty or anything but that picture of us, I don’t look good. You know, one of those pre-puberty pictures where you look innocently ‘not nice’ (trying to be politically correct here).

I was gauging my own reaction towards the picture. I know people who will do anything in their power to prevent those kinds of pictures from leaking out into the social media, who will actually be upset if the pictures somehow end up in the hands of the wrong party. But I don’t feel that way at all. On the contrary, I looked at the girl that I was and I felt proud of her.

That girl in the picture. She had come a long way and she deserved nothing less than a heartfelt appreciation. I wouldn’t be the ‘me’ today without that girl in the picture. I want to show the world that face. I want to show the world that yes people change. People are capable of improving. For the better or worst.

Your fate is in your hand. Look back if it helps you move forward but don’t look back and get stuck in the past. That girl has come a long way, through a difficult winding path. I am truly thankful to that girl in the picture. For sticking it out, for not giving up, for shaping what I am today.

I can’t be prouder of what I’ve achieved. Give credits where they are due. Give yourself a little pat on the back if you’ve accomplished something great. Love yourself.

One day, you’ll wake up to find that you’ve become a better, stronger person.

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A little creature stranded on Earth trying to find her own place in this weird world.

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