Why No Boyfriend?

Being almost 25 and single AND living in close proximity with a herd of Chinese family can be a pain in the bottom. At times. Normal conversation starters would be either ‘you’ve become skinnier/fatter’ or ‘why are you still single?’, both of which I’ve grown tired to answer.

It seems like everyone’s main life goal is to find a partner, get married and breed like rabbits. Not that I’m against getting married and raise a family. I’m a woman too after all but love and relationship are not games.

If love is a game then I don’t want to play. Relationship is complicated and as much as I wish real love story can be like the one in Korean drama, it is not. Relationship is not only about first kisses, being lovestruck, sharing an ice cream, going on a double bike ride date and a bunch of other painted pretty pictures.

Those things make a huge portion of a relationship but it’s also about going through the motion, through thick and thin. You don’t only stick together for the good times. You also stick together through the storms and Lord knows life is not always rainbow and stars.

Love is something I take seriously. I don’t like to play and I don’t like being played. Who does? I say no when I mean no and I say yes when I mean yes. You don’t say black is white. It’s pretty clear cut in my head and in my experience, when love is in the grey zone, that’s when people get hurt.

I don’t play with fire. Even a 3 year old knows not to. Just imagining people I care about being hurt is enough to stop me from hurting others. Feeling is not something to be played with.

So no, I don’t have a boyfriend yet because I know what relationship entails and I don’t take it lightly. Relationship is not playing house and karma is certainly a bitch I don’t want to mess with.

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