Memories in Melodies

It’s that weird feeling again. It’s like the play button somehow also switch on something inside my brain. Making the song a sort of background music for the movie that is my memory. Every experience, every event, every little thing that happened when I listen to that song in the past just came rushing through my brain.

This is why I never use my favourite songs as my alarm ringtone. I don’t want to remember the sensation of having to drag myself off the bed every time my favourite tunes play in my ears.

Every song I’ve listened to this day. Every single one of them is embedded with a memory. There are both good and bad times. Songs I’ve laughed to; Songs I’ve loved to and of course; songs I’ve cried to. If I can just turn back the time, would I do different things when those songs played? I can no longer listen to those embedded melodies without thinking of the past. Bitter and sweet.

It serves as a good reminder. Of things done right and of foolishness. Of successes and failures. Of joy and heartaches. I guess that makes the answer to the previous question a negative. No. I wouldn’t change anything even if I could. Life is meant to be full of ups and downs. It’s just life. If there’s one way, on top of many ways, to preserve the memories, so be it.

And so I listen to some old songs. Recalling some past memories. Of love and regrets. Of hope and happiness. Of worst and better times and wish above everything else that as I close my eyes and drift to the land of infinite possibilities that I will wake up to a better tomorrow.

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A little creature stranded on Earth trying to find her own place in this weird world.

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