Changeover (2017) Mini Short Film Review

Changeover is a short animated film created and directed by Mehdi Alibeygi. The short film was released around 3 weeks ago on Vimeo and has been trending in the popular page. I happen to come across it through the search option and felt that it deserved to be known to more people. Without further ado, let’s see whether it’s really worth the hype!

Changeover Short Animated Film Poster

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A bird has a fateful encounter with a shuttlecock, and things seem to be going in an unexpected way.

Screenshot of Changeover Short Animated Film
A bird and a shuttlecock….hmmm…wonder what will happen?

This short animated film has a really beautiful, simple and slightly unique art style. The art style resembles those simple watercolours ala Japanese painting style. However, the style the director has chosen is changed to make it cuter, which appeals to broad audiences. The narrative is very simple, but also pretty unexpected and I was quite surprised by the end of it. In this case, I have to applaud the director/story originator at managing to surprise me with such a short clip. Characters are drawn uniquely, though there’s only one (two) so I can’t say much about character relationships. Lastly, this short animated film does not depend on dialogues but simple organic sounds to achieve beautiful storytelling that blends well with the hand drawn animation. Music is simple but effective and fits the overall atmosphere.

Changeover Short film scoreboard review

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