Baywatch (2017) Mini Film Review


This is Baywatch???BAYWATCH. Do I really still need to tell you what it is about? Baywatch is the story that centers around the life and times of a group of lifeguards who take their job of saving lives and protecting the beach, their beach, very seriously. Sometimes to an unrealistic degree. The main story is a bit of a detective story and other than that it focuses on the character’s lives and there is quite a lot of raunchy, immature humor.


So this movie is kind of weird to review because it is kind of…a bad movie? But at the same time some of the things that make it a bad movie, it was actually aiming to be that way??? Like some of the situations are so god damn illogical and ridiculous but that in turn makes it more humorous and it absolutely fits the whole tone of the movie. It is a “bad” movie but it knows this and fully leans into that fact and does not pretend to be some serious movie by having…like a super serious and heavy plot.

As mentioned before the plot is next to negligible here, it is definitely not the main star and I doubt anyone really came here for the plot. That being said, all the actors and actresses here are really good and have very good comedic chemistry. Of course, there is also plenty of eye candy for both guys and girls. My major problem for this movie is less of a problem and more of me feeling a little…disappointed? Zac Efron’s character here starts off as kind of an arrogant douchebag and his character arc here was supposed to make him more of a team player while dialing down on the arrogant douchebag part. It kind of feels like at the pivotal moment for his character where he’s supposed to come around, it is kind of glossed over and he just decides to be better. They could have added a few more scenes between him and The Rock or maybe Alexandria Daddario where they kind of hash it out and knock some sense into him and I felt that would have made his character arc that much better.

The humor here is not anything groundbreaking but I was largely entertained even if plenty of the humor is kind of juvenile. The whole tone of the film just makes you want to laugh along in the moment and as mentioned before there are plenty of absolutely ridiculous situations that really got me going even before the jokes in the scene even came. It is just a mindless fun summer comedy and I feel an adequately good time.


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