Why you will need 5 minutes before making a decision

Perhaps nothing is less ordinary than standing on the station, awaiting the upcoming train to come. When the train does come, do you prepare yourself to board it or just stay back at the platform? Neither choices are right nor wrong. What does matter, though, is if you will accept your decision wholeheartedly and try not to regret it in the future.

So the train arrives and you see plenty of other awaiting passengers entering the cabins. You check the Info Screen and find that you still have 5 mins left before it leaves. On the first minute, you are in a panic. The rushing blood causes your heart to beat faster and your mind going erratic. You hold your breath, slowly let it out and then take a deep look at the cabin door. It’s just in front of you, so near that you can touch it if you reach your hand out.

The second minute is still accompanied by an increasingly loud heartbeat. Your hand is reaching out to the cabin and you start taking your first step. Suddenly, a gush of strong wind blows against you from the side. You fall sideways in accordance to the force. This force is an indecision. A force that stops you momentarily when you are about to do anything something big.

The third minute is perhaps a change of phase. From that franticness slowly settling down. It is the point that you begin to imagine the future. Had you step into the cabin, what would have happened? Would you be happy? Would you feel sad? All kinds of scenarios just play back in fast-forward like a video in your mind.


Slowly, the time ticks into the fourth minute. You feel a surge of courage rising from the depth of your heart. Confidence abounds yet it is also muddled with some indecision and fear. The fear of failing and falling intertwined contrastingly with the expectation of greatness and success. With both feet now standing firmly on the ground from the previous fall, you look onwards to the cabin door. Quietly, you hear the sound of the clock ticking indicating its eventual departure.

Finally, the door is about to close. Some of us will jump daringly through the gap, while some will choose to stay. Whichever one you are, be rest assured that there is no right decision in this case. In the end, it is up to you to decide your own mode of transportation to your life’s goals and choosing the moment to get into it.

For all you need to consider, is whether we would be smiling or regretting on our death bed.


(picture credit: www.pexels.com/photo/time-usa-manhattan-clock-34529/)

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Anthony L Tjandra

A photographer and videographer that aims to capture the Heart behind the moments.

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