STATIC (2017) Short Film Mini Review

STATIC is a drama short film directed by Nick Beardslee and produced by Nick, Michael Nibozny and Drew Beardslee. It is released around a week ago on Vimeo and after watching it, I felt that it should be worth a review post. Without further ado, let’s delve into the review below!

(This review is as spoiler-free as possible, however, there might still be some minor spoilers due to the necessity of it to write the review)

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A restaurant owner starts to experience some strange occurrences when he closes his shop at night. But what could they be?

Screenshot of STATIC short film by Nick Beardslee


I must say that I do not hope to get much from this film, as the starting of the film is pretty cliche and also due to the low number of views. However, things begin to pick up when weird things start happening. The atmosphere is pretty great, with some mystery and minor visual effects helping to raise the tension. Pacing is slow at the beginning, which is a double edge sword, as it also helps to raise tension just enough before I get bored or felt that it’s too slow. The character is a pretty normal looking guy and doesn’t give much memorable impact, however, he is acted well and we can relate to him, although he is a bit too calm during the climax. Sound designs play a huge role and it manages to keep me interested at the unknown situations, and thankfully, most of them are done pretty well. STATIC is not a bad film, it could be better if it has a tighter plot and also perhaps faster action and a more panicked main character.

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